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The Next Few Meeting Locations

 It was recently brought to my attention that not everyone is on the Yahoo! list, the website has not been updated in a long while, and we have a Live Journal group.  Here are the next few meeting locations.  Meeting time is 7 pm to 9 pm.

June 2nd Ranch Room
June 16th Little Dog House
June 30th Casa Que Pasa

Meeting! Tonight!

Possibly for the last time in James and Sarah's rec room. If you don't know where that is, post here.

Norwescon 32, April 9-12

This weekend is Norwescon 32.  Several of us will be there. It starts Thursday, but I will probably be arriving on Friday.

The last meeting - and next up

Thursday: We met at Bayou on Bay. It took awhile to get a table, as they were busy -- but once we did, there was great beer, I ordered prime rib (a side of beef, I think), and had a visitation from author Ken Scholes and his sizable entourage. John brought books, from which I snagged Abbie Hoffman's "Steal this Book" (sans cover).

I was pleased Ken stopped in. He had a talk at WWU earlier, and then, today (Friday), a reading at Village Books. I went to the reading, bought Lamentation, and got it signed.

Saturday: One of the Jim K's has a birthday, and I want to be at North Fork with him and others. You know, North Fork Brewery, Beer Shrine, Pizzeria and Wedding Chapel. Maybe 5 p.m. tomorrow. I imagine I'll have to drive our sad car, but if I don't that would be nice. I can't get to email right now, so if anyone reading can relay this to the bsffc email group, that would also be helpful.

About next week's meeting

We're meeting Thursday, Mar 19. The website says Bayou on Bay 7 p.m.

This morning, I read this, from Ken Scholes, author of Lamentation (Tor Books 2009).

I have no idea whether these things are related, or if it's a happy coincidence. However, I want to prevent confusion. Since Ken's invitation is not friends-locked, I'll bother to repeat that his start time is 6 p.m., and that he ( kenscholes  ) or spencimusprime  are taking a headcount.


Meeting tonght: Ranch Room

Sevenish. They have potato burritos.

2009 Schedule - for discussion

Speak now or forever hold your peace...

Jan 29: 20th Century Bowling
Feb 05: Ranch Room
Feb 19: That new pizza & beer place
Mar 05: Beaver Inn
Mar 19: Bayou on Bay
April 02: Ranch Room
April 16: James & Sarah's Rec Room
April 30: The Rogue
May 07: Beaver Inn
May 21: Mike's Deck
June 04: Ranch Room
June 18: Casa Que Pasa
July 02: Beaver Inn
July 16: Mike's Deck
July 30: Green Frog Tavern
Aug: 06: Ranch Room
Aug 20: Mike's Deck
Sep 03: Beaver Inn
Sep 17: Green Frog Tavern
Oct 01: Ranch Room
Oct 15: Beaver Inn
Oct 29: Bayou on Bay
Nov 05: Beaver Inn
Nov 19: The Rogue
Dec 03: Ranch Room
Dec 17: James & Sarah's Rec Room

Discussions welcome.

Bowling for some reason

Thursday, Jan. 29, we're meeting at 20th Century Bowl at 7 p.m. Around 9 p.m., for anyone still around and interested, we'll bowl.
If you're new, feel free to look for a handmade "sffc" sign, or make your own!

Remember meeting tonight @ Beaver

Sevenish. We will be plotting meeting locations for the next few months, tentatively for the entire year if we want.

I don't know if dice will be involved.


Dec. 17th, 2008


Yes, Virginia, there is a Sangria clause.


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